Each report gives access to a specific listed company’s financial statements (inclusive of notes to the accounts) at a cost price of Rs30.00 per company per year. The format of the report is in pdf.


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Air Mauritius Limited, Alteo Limited, Automatic Systems Ltd, BlueLife Limited, Caudan Development Limited, CIEL Limited, Cim Financial Services Limited, ENL Commercial Limited, Gamma-Civic Ltd, Go Life International PCC, Harel Frères Limited, Harel Mallac & Co Ltd, Innodis Ltd, Ireland Blyth Limited, Lottotech Ltd, Lux Island Resorts Ltd, Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Ltd, Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry Limited, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd, Mauritius Development Investment Trust Company Limited, Mauritius Oil Refifineries Limited, Mauritius Union Assurance Company Limited, National Investment Trust Ltd, New Mauritius Hotels Limited, Omnicane Limited, P.O.L.I.C.Y Limited, Phoenix Beverages Limited, Plastic Industry (Mtius) Ltd, Promotion and Development Limited, Rogers and Company Limited, Savannah Sugar Estates Company Limited, State Bank of Mauritius Ltd, Sun Resorts Limited, Swan Insurance Company Limited, United Basalt Products Ltd, United Docks Ltd, Vivo Energy Mauritius Limited


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