Benefits of Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius

  1. Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius presents for the first time in Mauritius the most comprehensive database on Mauritian firms accessible fully online at very affordable prices for students, researchers, economists and policy-makers. More than 350 reports pertaining to full financial statements, inclusive of notes to accounts, are currently being provided by Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius with full coverage of all banks and all listed Mauritian companies in the Official Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Non-listed firms are also being covered.
  2. Students can now access data with just one click with significant savings in time, otherwise spent in not only travelling to Registrar of Companies in Port-Louis but also in terms of transferring the data from paper to excel.
  3. Knowing the file number of a specific company is not difficult as same can be easily accessed in one of our research reports entitled COMPANY NAME AND FILE NUMBER with more than 50,000 companies being covered.
  4. Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius brings under one single roof all the financials of Mauritian firms under three broad classifications, namely, data on Mauritian banks, data on listed Mauritian companies and data on non-listed Mauritian companies. In a nutshell, all different types of companies are being covered with quick access to data at any point in time and anywhere in the world.
  5. Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius offers consultancy option for companies which want to undertake specific types of research on our data. We can work out any industry-driven research report requirement.
  6. Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius relieves fund management companies or investment companies from the burden of keeping hard copies of various companies’ financials (listed companies) as same can now be accessed on the website.
  7. Time is precious in life. Economists, researchers and policy-makers can leave the data tasks to us while they focus more on the research quality.

8. Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius is not a mere data provider centre but stretches to dynamic, research-oriented and industry-motivated reports which are being made available on a regular basis on the website.

9. Overall, Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius provides the following benefits, namely:

  • Most comprehensive data set on Mauritian firms; your one-stop shop for repository data on Mauritian firms-whether for banks, listed firms or non-listed firms.
  • Largest sample of non-listed Mauritian firms being covered.
  • Data is being made available not only from latest reports but also on a historical basis.
  • Access to full financials of listed companies with notes to the accounts being supplied to undertake enhanced and rigorous analysis, all geared towards suiting the needs for different types of researchers. As a matter of fact, notes to the accounts provide key information to researchers to enable them to fulfill specific needs of their research projects.
  • Access to regular industry-driven research-oriented reports. For instance, Top 1000 Mauritian firms by Total Assets is for the first time being made possible in Mauritius through Corporate Data Analytics Mauritius with the classification being based on a very large sample of more than 50,000 firms in Mauritius.
  • Quick access to data on Mauritian firms at any point in time and anywhere in the world.